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Babu Xavier


When bridges and highways intrude into the alienated half-destroyed and
insecure bodies of an apparently pristine land, landscape painting becomes an activity that reflects immanent morbidity, especially when the painter is a meritorious visionary. It happens with Babu Xavier.

Metaphorical grasp of land is not simply an ideal pastoral concern.
Interestingly, we are always disturbed by the 'shape' of our country, a political disturbance in which leaders of countries take part.
we often visualize the 'beginning', 'flow' 'end' and hence the perfect 'shapes'
of our rivers and roads. We often talk our ecological angst in terms
of a 'body' language. 'meliyunna puzha'...'chaakunna pusha' etc.

What happens when the whole fund of imaginations actualize more than necessary like in these paintings by Babu Xavier? When they work more realistically than needed on our literal fancies? When they create a top-heavy aloofness in our comfortably ‘sngle point perspective interest’ in geographies?
Then painted geographies operate visually like maps. A map is an indexical sign of a geographical region.

It easily assumes the tempting status of a virtual tour guide, very useful for a traveler. But if presented with unfamiliar and unclear mutations in its graphic sign systems as in these works, the otherwise comfortable visuality of a map is virtually put into the effect of just an abstracted top-down vision of a region. It becomes an always unreliable map of the land or the region. but it is disturbing that these mutations are caused by human interventions and desires for the body of a land.
Interestingly for that matter, this artistic treatment is not slipping into an alienating presence of ‘nature’ but it sustains the clarity of the paths taken by the land, the soil, the vegetation, bridges, highways, rivers, buildings – the task very meticulously taken up by this painter of a rare clay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

its really nice paintings by babu xavior, i also saw some of them in www.openeyeddreams.com

anees kodiyathur

2:15 AM  
Anonymous cherian m t said...

nice paintings

12:44 AM  

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