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'The Hope Flowers' by Bini Roy

paintings by bini roy Sarath Chander writes on Bini Roy's new series of paintings, with inputs from the renowned sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman

“ Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.” ~John Ruskin

Bini Roy is presenting an exhibition of her recent works - Hope Flowers, diversely poignant yet thematically convergent array of paintings. (Offline exhibition opens at 6. 30 pm on Wednesday 21st November 2007 at Lalit Kala Akademi Gallery, Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi. The exhibition will be on view till 27th November 2007, 11.00 am to 7.00 pm)

Bini’s restrained, but powerful strokes of aesthetic articulations full of life, have firm roots into nature and social realism. The figures she summons in her works are in hope, despite the gloom that surrounds. Bini puts it as: “Imageries I choose in my work are often driven by my hope that viewers experience a sense of intimacy, feeling a part of, rather than merely observing, the scenes I create. I am intrigued by the relationship and interplay between the people and nature, and by the subtleties and variations of their existence.” Her personal vision seems to be successfully emulated in her works. And it is particularly feminine and positively spirited.

The evolution of her work is linked much to her life and travel around different cultures, particularly in the South East Asia during the last decade. Simple and straightforward, by natural selection of very feminine imageries, Bini brings responsibility as an artist closer to home, making it more personal, living within individual domain, including that of the artist and of the viewer.

Nature is an inevitable, persistent and embedded element in all her works. Her vibrant strokes smattered with the magical hues, tones, shades and colours reverberating with life; result in a quietly explosive assemblage of impressions with enormous power. Either an expansive blue of the sky or the virile semblance of an earthy terrain; Bini’s paintings seem to derive more from the Neo-Expressionist school and they exude energy that bursts forth into realms of hope and pursuance of existence.

Bini’s figuratives border on the surreal, with ornamentations of hope and despair; yet the motifs surprise us with their explicit intents. Their feelings are not of withdrawal and escape but display a sort of assertion and affirmation seeking out a continued existence. “The figures I paint offer me an opportunity for personal reflection and my direct responses to what moved and haunted me for days” She attempts to depict the finer and subtler, but intensive human perception into canvas. Her imaginative efforts to compose life in all its existential dimensions result in an inexplicable magic hard to pinpoint.

Those flowers blooming recurrently in Bini’s works are resplendent expressions of hope springing forth from very subjective domains of existence and personalized & skewed patterns of cognition. Bini says : “Women and Children are usually the ones most affected in trying times. And they accept life as it comes; revolting is not in their agenda. They somehow search and find peace within their given situation and environs. They play, they dream. Flowers and butterflies fly into their living spaces. They have time, they stay in their expansive landscapes.”

One cannot miss the Lotus blooms in the hands of Bini’s figures, in many paintings. Bini says that they have its roots from her life in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The lotus is the traditional flower of Buddhism. On murals in Buddhist monasteries and royal halls, Lord Buddha is invariably portrayed from Birth to Nirvana as walking, sitting, standing and reclining on the lotus. The Lotus blossoms time and again in Bini’s works with new life and meaning, probably from a deeply underlying burble of propitious Hope.

Bini’s works engages the viewer in compelling conversation of sorts with her vocabulary of lines, colors and forms. Her personal craft and patience is recognizable in the building of her compositions and in the brush strokes themselves. Her language of forms and colours work well to yield in some of the vibrant works on display. There is an ever-deepening experience and a poetic contemplation viewing her works, thanks to her very evolved and mature approach to the art of painting.
paintings by bini roy
Bini Roy with her painting 'In Hope'

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